Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sight Words - Scratch Jr

Kindergarten Lesson Plans. The words make me cringe.I struggle between being challenging enough but also holding their attention for a whole hour. The longest hour of my day!

After having a lesson on exploring in Scratch Jr and letting them make "art", we do our first project in Scratch Jr. In our morning message, I have students brainstorm all the sight words that they can think of and I make a list of about 10 on the board just for those students who will need more support in their program.

One of the biggest problems is not putting the letters as their own characters so they can each do their own movement. Students want to write the whole word on one slide. One way I might change it for the future would be to have students pick 3 words and have them write them on separate slides. I would still be able to see that they have mastery of using the green flag and the blue arrows.

Here is an example of a finished project. I couldn't make the letters go the right way after they were written, so just imagine. 

Feel free to ask me more questions about Scratch Jr. in the comments section! 

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