Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Break the Code - Lightbot

LightBot is a coding program where students are a robot completing the command of turning on the light bulbs. As the students progress, more and more light bulbs have to be turned on and sometimes the robot has to jump up.  
lightbot screenshot
Classroom Uses K & 1 
I don't use Lightbot as much with this age as I do other programs. I think they could handle it by the end of the year because of the picture support, but their are other programs I like a little bit better. 

Classroom Uses 2 - 4
I think Lightbot is perfect for the 2 -4 age. It provides just enough challenge that sometimes I even get stuck on the levels! (Don't worry, you can google the answers. I may or may not have done that!) My favorite memory of this program was my group of too cool for school boys that sat together on the carpet (hello flexible seating!) and worked together the whole time as a group. They helped each other out the whole time! I was so proud!

lightbot screenshot
1. I like the simplicity of this program....the player tries to get the light bulb. While the program might add more obstacles, each time the student knows what they are trying to do.
2. It can work for any age! I have

1.  When you get to the Procedure Levels... it gets hard. There aren't any other coding websites that do it exactly like this. It takes a little bit of extra time to explain it.
2. I wish the turns had words on them. Even I have to sometimes stand like the robot to figure out which way he needs to go.
lightbot screenshot

As a whole, I really like this program. I like its simplicity and ease of use. I wish the explanations was a little bit better for thee procedures and I think that would make it even better!

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